One of the stories I am sure was called The Road and another was about a mysterious alien that a young girl named Ineed and her mother kept correcting it to Enid. I read it in the 70's or early 80's.

This book was an anthology book containing works by multiple authors, possibly a collection of short stories that had something to do with Isaac Asimov(?)

I recall the front cover displayed a man and some very odd looking plant-life (alien one presumes) against a pale blue background.

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    ..."A book of short stories by Isaac Asimov written by other authors" is rather confusing. Can you clarify what you mean? Commented Oct 22, 2018 at 5:54
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    @MeatTrademark - "...edited by Asimov,", I assume OP means.
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another was about a mysterious alien that a young girl named Ineed and her mother kept correcting it to Enid.

I have no idea about Asimov , but I hazard to guess that the story you are referencing above is "At the Bottom of the Garden" by David Campton. The story was first published in Armada Sci Fi 1 in 1975, and subsequently collected in several anthologies.

"At the Bottom of the Garden" was creepy as creepy gets. There is indeed a young girl, she indeed has a friend named Ineed who is... uh... not from around these parts, and her distracted mother indeed corrects her about many things including calling her friend "Enid". The story opens with the memorable line

"MUMMY, why has Ineed got furry teeth?"


  • None of the anthologies featuring this story that are listed on ISFD were edited by Isaac Asimov, nor did he contribute to them.

  • None of the anthologies listed contains a story titled "The Road".

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    The title is an allusion the first line of Rose Fyleman's poem "Fairies": theotherpages.org/poems/fyleman.html
    – Buzz
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  • Oh yes!! Furry teeth!!!! That's it!!! So... What collection did this story appear in please?
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    Btw this site is amazing!! Thanks for all your input! :D (y)
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    @Eyeball There were several collections. Follow the blue ISFD link at the bottom of my answer to see them. Also: if my answer serves you well, feel free to up vote (clicking the up-arrow to the top left of my answer, and if you feel I nailed it, please accept the answer by clicking the checkmark there.
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    That's a good story. Wish I read it yesterday. Commented Nov 1, 2018 at 18:59

The anthology SF1 (edited by Richard Davis) had pale blue cover depicting the protagonist from one story running towards the reader.

There was also a story about 4 sisters in a junior school who were essentially the same Being. The one in the lowest class wouldn't say "The Cat sat on the mat" because where she came from the cats were 10 feet tall.

There was one story about a cosmo-botanist on an unexplored supposedly desert planet who discovers a hitherto undetected lifeforms.

enter image description here

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    Just found the book. Thanks. It's called SF1. Thanks so much for posting!
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