In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Starkillers first target is General Rahm Kota, a Jedi gone guerilla leader that has been attacking imperial targets in an attempt to draw Vader out.

As you encounter Kota, he utters the following:

"...a boy? Months of attacking Imperial targets and Vader sends a boy to fight me?"

― Rahm Kota

Is it known what other military targets, other than the TIE Fighter factory, Kota has targeted?


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According to the Star Wars Wikia in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide he attacked a factory that Darth Vader had recently visited? While also commandeering Vader's personal shuttle.

Kota and his militia remained hidden, emerging only to strike at Imperial targets in well-executed and carefully planned raids.


While conducting his rebellion, Kota took an intense interest in Darth Vader himself, attacking targets that appeared to have some level of importance to the Dark Lord, such as assaulting a factory that he had recently visited and stealing a shuttle that Vader had used as a personal transport.

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