I remember reading this story many years ago (at least ten).

A young girl (at least I think so), discovers that she has magic by throwing something. However, magic is restricted (or maybe even forbidden) and she must now hide from all magicians in her city. I think the local Thieves Guild helps her, hoping to get their own pet magician.

Other recollections:

  • It's low-fantasy, no elves or dragons
  • I think there was a lot of homophobia in the setting
  • I seem to recall that she can't control her magic and is eventually caught/taken in by the magicians.
  • I'm pretty sure it was a full-length novel. Possibly a novella.
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The Black Magician trilogy, by Trudy Canavan (Wikipedia)

In the first novel, The Magician's Guild, Sonea is a commoner who discovers her magic in a protest against the magicians, who are all nobles. She's then on the run until eventually she's brought into the school as a student.

One of the other magicians, Lord Dannyl, has to hide his homosexuality from the conservative school.

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