There is one scene in Uprising where Jack is discussing the Kaijus' supposed target based on previous data collected during the first Kaiju War. He mentions, more determines, that the Kaiju's main target is Mount Fuji, where they plan to start a chain reaction to wipe out the Earth.

Now, that makes sense thus far. But there was one thing that he mentioned that just doesn't sit right with me, he mentioned that ALL Kaiju were trying to reach Mount Fuji, before being stopped by the PPDC and the Jaegers. Surely not all of the Kaiju tried to reach Mount Fuji, right? A good example of such a case would Knifehead and its attack on Anchorage, or even the first attack involving Trespasser and San Francisco.

As the question suggests, were these attacks negated and only correlating data was used in this analysis? If so, why were they negated in the first place? A Kaiju attack is a Kaiju attack at the end of the day.

  • These movies have different writers, it's hard to match perfectly. – Baku Oct 25 '18 at 16:12

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