I watched an anime around 2008-2010. In it, the main characters use crystals to summon monsters to fight.

All I can remember is the main characters' appearances:

  • one was a red hair male middle age
  • one teen blond guy
  • one teen girl

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Probably Huntik, an American-Italian cartoon aired between 2009 and 2012.

Cartoon still

  • The blonde guy, Lok, goes to school in Italy;
  • Sophie (the skirt girl) is a student from the same school;
  • The middle-aged, red-haired guy is Dante, one of the Seekers; Seekers can summon creatures known as the Titans, and Dante particularly can summon Caliban, as he does in the first episode (see video below);
  • the second teen girl (dark-haired one on the right) is called Zhalia, she joins them later in the series.

Here's a sheet with all Titans and their summoning amulets:

Titans sheet

Throughout the series, the kids fight against the evil Organization, whose goal is to rule over the world (such originality !). The Organization seeks a huge, legendary-like Titan to ensure their domination. So basically, they're like villainous Pokémon teams, but without the catchy name.

Plagiarising my own answers to Animated show with character who has a stone that summons creatures and Fantasy cartoon show aired in India around 2005-12; main character searches for his father. Involved magic rings

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Could it be Shin Shirayuki-hime Densetsu Prétear? I believe it involves using crystals in battles with monsters.

An image of two people, apparently the main characters of the anime

  • it is not pretear :/ like i said in the post how the main characters look but thnx for trying to help
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