This is definitely connected to my last question on "Recycling shields", so I'll definitely start this question close to the same as the last.

So I was watching the Clone Wars Season 2 episode 16 titled "Cat and Mouse". In this episode, the senator Bail Organa has been trapped on the planet Christophsis by a Seperatist blockade lead by Admiral Trench. Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan are sent to help the senator.

Now, at the same time that the Seperatist Admiral commands the droids to "Recycle the shields", he also tells them to "...let the cannons reset to a full charge".

I'll take it that Trench is instructing the droids to recharge all cannons.

I am curious though, how do starship cannons (e.g. lasers, turbolasers, etc.), work when it comes to reloading and recharging. Is this a cooldown thing. 'Cause I can imagine that a weapon that's fired multiple times can quickly overheat. But if it's running on electricity (from my understanding lasers and turbolasers' power is dependent on wattage, which means they run on electricity right?), as is the case with turbolasers/lasers, shouldn't the only thing we worry about be letting the weapon cool and not recharge (Since the weapon is connected to directly to power)?

Ok, now, my questions:

  • Why recharge a weapon that only needs to be connected to power to work
  • Does each weapon hold some sort of charge container? (aka battery, not to be confused with the military term... battery)
  • Any material that could help one understand how starship weapons work. (and yes, I know that Star Wars has a wiki, or wookiee, anyways, please point to specific articles and not just say "Go to the Star Wars Wiki!! ;)")

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