I remember only some facts from the book I will list them below:

  • In the book there were several story lines which then converged together.

  • One of the figures was a man who was not really a human. He was sentenced to death by drowning. The idea was the convict was thrown into the harbour with a heavy weight and if the convict managed to get to the other side he would be set free. This character managed to do it because he had 4 lungs, as he was not human. The man was stronger and taller than regular humans, but mentally he was like a small child.

  • Next there was a female, who was basically a zombie. She was cursed, so she could not rest after death. She has purchased a parasite which substituted her nervous system. The parasite had to be kept alive by having frequent sexual encounters. She was a thief and later became ship captain (pirate captain even, I think).

  • The third character was an old eccentric man who lived on the roof of his house together with several hens. He had a brother. During the plot of the book he managed to run a "company" which earned him a lot of money. Which he then used to free the slaves in the kingdom and move them offshore to their native islands.

    It was later revealed that the man was in his younger years responsible for the inflation scheme which lead to the economical collapse of the kingdom, leaving him very rich.

  • All three of them then work together to free the slaves.

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    That's a good start, but there are some more things you could tell us, such as when you read it, what language/ country the book was published in, and maybe if you remember the cover? Was this a stand-alone novel or in a collection?
    – Spencer
    Oct 31, 2018 at 13:04
  • Sadly I'm not sure about these details and I don't wanna lead someone astray by my guesses.
    – jnovacho
    Oct 31, 2018 at 13:37

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The parasite is called Ootooloo and it appeared in a book Midnight Tides which is the fifth book of the series: "Malazan Book of the Fallen".

After decades of warfare, the five tribes of the Tiste Edur are united under the implacable rule of the Warlock King of the Hiroth. But the price of peace is a pact with a hidden power whose motives may be deadly. To the south, the expansionist kingdom of Lether has devoured all lesser neighbors - except the Tiste Edur.

The characters in question are:

  • Ublala Pung - an unemployed Tarthenal half-blood
  • Shurq Elalle - an undead thief and pirate queen
  • Tehol Beddict - an ingenious Letherii citizen in his early thirties

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