The opening scene of The Dark Knight shows a bank robbery being perpetrated by a gang hired by the Joker. It transpires that they are all supposed to kill each other, with presumably each of them thinking he will be the only one left to split the takings with the Joker, but as they are all wearing clown masks you only find out towards the end of the scene that

one of them is The Joker himself.

The scene starts with five robbers; two on the roof, and three in the van.

One is killed by another after he bypasses the emergency phone call. One is killed after he opens the safe.

One is shot by the bank manager after being tricked into believing the manager has run out of ammo in his shotgun, but is shown alive after that as he says to the other "Who taught you how to count?"

One (this same one) is killed

by the bus when it hits him, and the Joker then kills the bus driver.

We don't see what happened to the other one. Are there any deleted scenes or transcripts that tell us what happened to him?

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For the record, the official screenplay identifies the two men on the roof as Dopey and Happy, the three men in the car as Grumpy, Chuckles and Bozo.

You've confused Chuckles (whose gunshot was fatal) with Grumpy (whose gunshot was 'superficial')

GRUMPY: He’s got three left?

[Bozo raises two fingers. Grumpy squeezes off a shot. The Bank Manager fires. Fires again. Grumpy looks at Bozo, who nods. Grumpy jumps up. The Bank Manager fires. Grumpy grunts as buckshot clips his shoulder. Falls. The Bank Manager moves in for the kill, fumbling for new shells. Bozo stands – shoots him.]

[Bozo picks up the shotgun. Grumpy checks his wound – it’s superficial. He struggles to his feet.]

GRUMPY: Where’d you learn to count?!

He was killed by the bus coming in through the front of the bank

GRUMPY: Bus driver? What bus –

[Bozo steps backwards. Smash. Hostages scream as the tail end of a yellow school bus rockets through the front of the bank, slamming Grumpy into the teller’s window.]

For the avoidance of doubt.

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    Ah, I didn't know they had names. Regardless, one was killed by the bus - possibly the same one that was shot by the manger, I'd have to watch it again, but out of four of them, you only see three killed (roof, safe and bus).
    – Darren
    Nov 1, 2018 at 10:10
  • Ah wait, one was shot in the back by the bank manager.
    – Darren
    Nov 1, 2018 at 10:12
  • Valorum, I have edited the question to make it clear which one's death I was asking about, which was the one shot in the back by the bank manager that I had forgotten about. Do you want to edit your answer to reflect this? Happy to accept it then.
    – Darren
    Nov 1, 2018 at 10:26
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    Thanks. Interestingly, in the actual film, from what I remember, the convesation goes like this: Grumpy: "He's out right?" & Bozo nods.
    – Darren
    Nov 1, 2018 at 11:43

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