I remember reading a long time ago a scifi short story about an official who has to go and close down the last zoo. The zoo was just a few pet animals and I think they had to be exterminated which precipitated the owners suicide. Any idea of title and author?

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    Do you know any more details on this you can edit in? For example, when you read this? This also doesn’t appear to be SFF-nal, can you edit in any details that are SFf-nal?
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    @TheLethalCarrot I think I found it, and it is SFF-nal. (By the way, you might want to spell out that abbreviation when commenting to new users. People not already steeped in the world of sci-fi or fantasy might not know what you mean by "SFF-nal".)
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    Possible duplicate of Looking for name of sci-fi short story: all non-human life on earth eliminated to preserve equilibrium - while acceptance on the present one is murky, I think this "thanks" comment, addressed to the only answerer, might indicate an acceptance. Dupe-target is accepted in comments as well
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Asimov's "2430 A.D."?

Wikipedia's plot summary says (emphasis mine):

Earth has established a totally balanced and ecologically stable underground society (similar to that portrayed in Asimov's novel The Caves of Steel). But one man, Cranwitz, regarded as a deviant and eccentric because he keeps a few animals as pets, refuses to get rid of these animals, the last non-human inhabitants of the planet.

He is finally persuaded by his sector representatives to exterminate his pets, but also commits suicide. This leaves Earth in 'perfection', with its fifteen trillion inhabitants, twenty billion tons of human brain and the 'exquisite nothingness of uniformity'.

I found it via this Reddit post from someone seeking the same story, which showed up as one of my Google search results (buried under a lot of links to Sara Zaske's short story "The Last Zoo") when I searched for short story "last zoo".

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