I few years ago I was reading a lot of Poe literature and I think that this story may be written by Poe but I am not completely sure.

Universe: Past or present, not future

The world is split in to two groups: 1 immortal slaves, 2 mortal masters with some supernatural powers. With this powers they can manipulate with slaves.

Story: Group of mortal masters with few immortal slaves are on a journey to find some source of immortality. I think it was some gate or something. Story is about their journey to this source.

In the end they found the immortality source and they had to do something naked (not what you think, more like drink something or go through the gate). But the plot is that they become immortal but they lost their abilities, so they become immortal slaves.

There were other slaves waiting till they go through the gate and when they did other slaves just steal their clothes and run away. So new immortal slaves have to wait for new clothes from new group of mortal masters.

  • What do you mean by Poe literature? As far as I remember Edgar Allan Poe didn't write any stories that seem similar. Or do you mean something else with "Poe Literature"? – M. A. Golding Nov 5 '18 at 16:37

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