I remember watching this film (dubbed in Italian) in the late 90s, during a bus trip with university friends. I don't remember if it was on VHS or DVD, but VHS is more probable.

It wasn't one of the various remakes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but the idea was similar: aliens are secretly replacing humans, someone finds out and must stop them. Water tanks were involved: storage for the original human bodies? (But IIRC they were parallelepipedal, not the usual cylinders).

I remember this movie as having a mix of serious and humorous elements... but maybe my memory is playing tricks to me, and the only "funny" things were low-budget effects and two curious coincidences:

  • There was a scene on a bus, and we were on a bus
  • Cielito Lindo was in the soundtrack, and we loved that song at that time (because reasons)

I'm pretty sure that Cielito Lindo and the bus were in the same scene, near the end (a bus in Mexico? a bus from USA to Mexico?)

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