At the end of Deadpool 2, Deadpool is wearing the collar from the prison that makes him lose his Mutant power. It seems to prevent his regeneration.

That collar is easily removed. It removes itself when Cable comes after Deadpool's fall. Cable has to reverse time to ensure that Deadpool isn't dead. That's complicated.

Why not just remove the collar?

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  • The big metal guy, colossus, can easily yank the collar out of deadpool without hurting his neck. Even if Colosus hurts deadpool's neck, so what? Deadpool will survive.
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    Nov 17, 2018 at 2:13

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Because Wade asked them not to

After Deadpool jumps in front of the gunshot and gets hit they start trying to remove his collar but he stops them from doing it.

Deadpool: Stop, stop, stop! Stop! Just let it happen, okay?

Deadpool 2

After he actually dies and he can no longer stop them from helping him Cable forces his hand and saves him.


He purposely put it on himself so that he wouldn’t have his powers and could now be killed like a normal person. He sacrificed himself to save Russell (Firefist) and show him that someone actually does care about him and he doesn’t need to kill the headmaster or anyone else and thus does not go down the dark path his future self had, leading him to murder Cable’s family. Also, he was ready to finally die so he could be reunited with Vanessa.

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