I'm asking on behalf of my wife who has remembered seeing this movie for a long time. Here are the key details she remembers about the movie:

  • It was seen on TV around 1997 or before.
  • It involves a boy, a girl, and a baby who are dropped off at an older male relative's house.
  • The setting looked to be about 90s based on cars.
  • The house seemed abandoned when the kids arrived.
  • Weird things started happening when the kids got inside: trap doors, fake walls, etc.

Remembered scenes:

  • At some point, the kids got separated and the boy was looking for the girl and the baby. He went into a room where he could see the girl in a rocking chair with the baby, but when he walked up to her she was holding a snake and she started laughing like an insane person. He ran out of the room.
  • Later, the kids had found each other and entered a room with a large cake. The boy went to eat the cake, and the girl slapped the spoon out of his hand. When the cake hit the floor it burnt a hole in the floor. Then, you could see the older relative coming up through the floor laughing.
  • The kids tried to run outside, but the world had changed and everything had reverted to Western times with a ghost town and abandoned wagons.

My wife is aware of the resemblance of the main characters to the characters from A Series of Unfortunate Events, but she doesn't think it is connected. At the very least, she is certain it was a movie and she doesn't think her dates could be off by more than a few years--so it couldn't have been seen later than about 2001.


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This is actually The Tale of the Whispering Walls, an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? from 1993.

After a day in the park, babysitter Louise and two pre-teenagers get lost in the highway and stop at a mansion where things aren't what they seem.

It's all there. The kids come across:

  • The young babysitter sitting in a rocking chair with a swaddled baby which turns out to be a huge snake;

  • A table with some desserts, and when the boy tries to eat the banana split, the sister knocks it over with a spoon and it burns a hole through the floor;

  • And an inn from the past with people in old-timey clothes.

It's currently on Yotube here.

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    My wife is freaking out. That's definitely it! Thanks for hunting this down! Commented Feb 3, 2019 at 14:50

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