I saw this movie in the summer of 1998, on TV. It was definitely low budget, but it has stuck with me ever since and I would love to see it again.

The things I remember for sure:

  • The main character is a young boy with blond curly hair and his dog
  • His home and family are somehow destroyed, and he leaves to avenge them.
  • He meets an old man tinkerer and a blue cat woman who help him on his way.
  • At some point he is put in a cage with an ogre child. The cage hangs in the air and there are bones all around.
  • He is taken to a mine where he is forced to dig for crystals with the other slaves, and an old woman sacrifices herself for him by throwing herself into an infinite pit.

I hope this is enough to trigger a memory in someone. Thank you!

This is a live action movie.

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