I remember very little about this movie, but I saw it a long time ago so I know it is at least older than me. The main character is some random nerd guy who gets picked on by some other blonde guy in a Hawaiian shirt, I THINK. The main character was at a diner when he someone threw a pie in his face and laughed at by everyone. He later becomes the hero of the movie when a vampire creature starts terrorizing his town.

The end of the movie takes place in a mansion where a tiger or maybe a werewolf is loose in the hallways. The tiger gets impaled by a spear and transforms into the blonde guy from earlier in the movie. Finally the main villain who is apparently a vampire turns into a giant ugly bat creature, but the main character man tears off the curtains of a giant window and the vampire explodes. This was a strange movie and it was pretty corny.

  • I am 100 percent certain it was the movie Fright Night. I have no idea were I got the Hawaiian shirt from but the scene with the tiger was actually a wolf and the pie was a sandwich. I knew the name Brewster sounded familiar, for 12 years I thought it was just a dream. Now I will watch the movie. Thank you for the help. – thecouchgenie Nov 26 '18 at 5:56

I've found no mention of a Hawaiian shirt, or a pie, but the 1972 Hammer Films release, Vampire Circus has a vampire turning into a panther and has a tiger in another segment.


The ending reminds me of Hammer Films' Dracula (from 1958) or the film Fright Night (from 1985). In Fright Night there is also a character who turns into an animal, in this case a wolf, indoors and attacks someone.

So it seems possible that you might remember either of these films.

  • Vampires turning into things (animals) and exploding seem pretty common tropes. Do any of these films match the more unusual elements (Hawaiian shirt, pie-in-the-face, tiger, etc)? – Valorum Nov 25 '18 at 16:40
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    I've converted your links into inline links as this is more reader-friendly. – Valorum Nov 25 '18 at 17:12

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