One of the things I always imagined about the Kane stories was that they were set in the deep prehistory of our own Earth -- thousands of years, perhaps, before what we know of as ancient civilization (Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, etc.) arose. The last couple stories, however, confirm that Kane, who is both unaging and extremely tough, as well as highly skilled in many types of combat, has survived to the present day.

Still, I disbelieve that this is a deep enough span of time for the continents to change by more than could be accounted for by sea level rise or fall due to climate changes over millennia. None the less, the only map I've ever seen of Kane's earth, showing places like Carsultyal and Lartroxia, doesn't match Earth's continents at all.

Is there a map available that shows the locations mentioned in the earlier Kane stories and books on the continents Earth has had for the past million years or so?


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