Based on this answer, it is established that each mind perceives Galactus differently.

It seems humans tend to perceive Galactus as a Big Guy who likes the color purple, wearing a bucket with horns on his head.

Let's say an alien had seen Galactus before, and saw a ball of light energy, or a swamp monster, or an angry ghost, or something. If they come to Earth, and see pictures of a Big Guy who likes the color purple, wearing a bucket with horns on his head, I would imagine they might ask "Who's that?", because that is not their Galactus.

Would their perception of Galactus change?

Has there been any instance of someone's perception of Galactus changing?

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    While not impossible, I doubt there has been such an incident documented in the comics. I don't recall that aspect of the character being explored much. The incidents noted in the question you link to may be all the references there have been. Certainly, I can't recall a story where Galactus' appearance has been anything but the traditional purple/pink, big horn/fork helmet for the duration of the story. For a no-prize: since the creators of the comics are humans, they portray Galactus the way humans see him, unless they're specifically trying to represent a non-human view. – RDFozz Nov 29 '18 at 23:18

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