Who are the characters shown here, standing behind Theoden?

enter image description here

I don't know, and can't figure out who they are from the character list on The Two Towers (film) nor after a bunch of googling. This question is specifically for the above scene in Jackson's movie adaptation. Thanks so much.

Edit: This is of course during the battle at Helm's Deep. Thanks to any LotR buffs who might know. Someone sent this around at work and issued a challenge to name the three characters. All in good fun, and happy Friday!

Update: I rewatched TTT and took some video clips, it's a little easier to see the actors, see this, this, and this. Thanks @Valorum for figuring out the character on the right is Gamling, but the guy on the left is still a mystery! He has no speaking lines. movie-dude refers to him as an unnamed extra (see #46). My wife and I went down the list of actors, including those uncredited, and couldn't pick him out. The hunt continues!

Update 2: I got confirmation from a reliable source that the guy on the right in the picture is Gamling (actor Bruce Hopkins). It's much easier to tell if you watch the video I linked (Theoden says "Give them a volley" and then you see a profile shot of Gamling shouting "Fire!"). Even though the guy on the left looks a lot like the picture of Gamling in @Valorum's answer, he is a different actor.

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    If (when) you win the prize for getting these names, I want half.
    – Valorum
    Dec 1, 2018 at 1:14
  • Haha you got it and thanks! :-) Dec 1, 2018 at 2:26

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The chap on the right of the image is Gamling. The other guy appears to be an unnamed extra. Both are described in the script as "Captains of Rohan" and seem to serve as Theoden's loyal lieutenants throughout the battle, issuing orders on his behalf.

enter image description here

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    I don't see the resemblance between the man on the left of Théoden in the picture in the Q and Háma. Besides, the relative heights look wrong, compared to the picture in your answer. Dec 1, 2018 at 5:03
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    Apparently Jackson shockingly missed that the guy was called 'Gamling the Old', for a reason. Might as well have made into one of the Helm's Deep elves. Dec 1, 2018 at 16:31
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    According to this: tolkiengateway.net/wiki/Hama Hama dies in the warg attack in the movie. So this answer isn't correct.
    – Amarth
    Dec 7, 2018 at 16:30
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    @Valorum The more serious problem would be that the people in the question bears no resemblance to those you linked. And that Hama is already dead (in the movie) before reaching Helm's Deep.
    – Amarth
    Dec 10, 2018 at 16:14
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    OP here, searching through the screenplay that Valorum linked to, Gamling seems correct, but Hama was previously killed by a Warg (p. 122). For the scene in question (p. 176), it says "ANGLE ON: THÉODEN stands ready with his men. LIGHTNING peels across the sky accompanied by more THUNDER. THÉODEN looks up as it begins to rain." May be time to rewatch, but it's possible the guy on the right is just an extra. Dec 10, 2018 at 18:50

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