As a kid in the '80s, I found myself often in doctor's waiting rooms. I devoured most of the comic magazines there. In one of those, I read fragments of a story that I would like to find.

The story was set in (then) current time. The protagonist was a teen girl, who discovered that people around her had been replaced by robots. These robots' faces could hinge upwards, revealing gears behind them.
I remember her looking in the mirror and even seeing her own face hinging upwards to reveal herself being a robot, however, that may have been a dream.

As I recall, in the end it was revealed some catastrophe had happened, perhaps a nuclear bomb, and "someone" (perhaps benevolent aliens) had replaced her loved ones for her. I think it ended with her reliving the final moments of her old world, knowing what was about to happen.

This was in The Netherlands and the story was written in Dutch, although it may have been translated.

The story was serialised, 2 or perhaps 4 pages at a time, which is why I've only read fragments.

  • The most likely magazine I've read this in was a Dutch girls' magazine called Tina. (Dutch Wikipedia)
    Most comics in it were about girls overcoming some obstacle to pursue their dream — usually horse riding or ice skating, finding love in the process — which is what would've made this story stand out. Another such magazine was called Debbie.
  • Another likely source is comics magazine Eppo, later called Eppo Wordt Vervolgd, that featured serialised comics.
  • Yet another possible source is Taptoe. (Dutch Wikipedia), a weekly and later biweekly magazine that was distributed through schools/ It had sister publications Okki and Jippo, but those were aimed at smaller children and this story must've been too mature for them.

The style as I remember it resembles ligne claire, known from the Franco-Belgian comics known as bandes dessinée. It may also have been a realistic drawing style. It was definitely in colour.



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