In the ending scene of Maze Runner: The Death Cure we see Teresa's name is carved into the stone and she is not visible at the ending - so what really happened to her?

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I think you missed some part of the movie! In the end, Teresa takes herself and the wounded Thomas to the roof of the building in attempt to get rescued! Thomas barely made it to the aircraft but unfortunately Teresa couldn't (it seemed like she didn't even try because of her guilt) as the building collapsed!

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With the building on fire, Thomas and Teresa escape to the roof. The rest of the team arrives on a Berg. Teresa helps Thomas on board, but the building caves in, causing Teresa to fall to her death.

Maze Runner 3: The Death Cure | Teresa's Death Scene

Minho: Come on!

Vince: Reach!

Teresa: (launches Thomas on to the Berg ramp) Go!

Pause on Teresa, then she falls off screen as the building collapses

Thomas: Noooooooooo!

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