I am looking for a sci-fi story about the future. It was about this future where people on Earth were able to travel to the moon, and I think the moon was like a theme park or something now.

It was about this guy who meets a girl. Their bodies, as well as every future human, aren’t just bones, blood and veins. They are somehow digital. Can’t remember exactly, but pretty much at the end, the girl dies because her body needed something, and the guy she befriended watched her as she died.


Could it be Feed, a YA SF novel by M.T. Anderson? I haven't read it in several years, but I remember it starting with a line like, "we were bored so we decided to go to the Moon." It's set in a hyper-consumerist society where you're expected to buy everything that's advertised to you; you have a hardwired connection to their version of the global Internet inside your brain. The girl rejects the consumerism and then gets turned down for the medical care she needs, because she isn't trusted to be a good citizen/consumer.

You may be thinking of one of these covers:
2003 Paperback eBook version

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    Yes! Thank you! I’ve been meaning to read it again! It was one of those books my older siblings had lying around all the time, in every random place at my old home. Till one day, I decided to read it. Hahaha Anyway, it’s an awesome book. Thanks!!!! – Suzy Dec 8 '18 at 5:17
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