So I am usually good about movies but my daughter presented me with this info and it is so familiar but I can't place the movie (or possibly part of a TV show). Can you help?

Girl falls down (possibly a well) and seems to be in an alternate reality (might be dead-ish) and she reverts to a like caveman style. Parents find her but are it is like they see her in a fishbowl or cage or zoo and can't communicate with her.

That is all she remembers. I might actually be thinking Child of Glass but did a trailer for my daughter and she says no. But that might be what is familiar to me. Anyone have any other thoughts?


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This sort of reminds me of an episode of Star Trek: Deep space Nine, "Time's Orphan" 20 May 1998.

Molly O'Brien falls into a hole and goes through a time warp.

This also reminds me to a lesser degree of the Twilight Zone episode "Little Girl Lost", March 16, 1962, in which a little girl enters an alternate dimension and her parents can hear her but not see or touch her.


This sounds like how Kagome winds up in the world of spirits and demons in Inuyasha -- though I recall her climbing a ladder up and down the well that connects her world (parents, school, etc.) to that one. I've seen only a few episodes, not including the beginning, so she might have fallen that first time.

I don't recall her parents finding her in a "look only" manner, however, and there was nothing "cave-man" about her in the spirit world; in fact, she continued to wear her school uniform even as she was falling in love with the titular half-demon.


It sounds like Inuyasha. It's an anime or japanese animation. Kagome [current time] lives in her family house with a shine, one day the family's cat goes insede the a small cabin where there is a well, called the bone eater well. She gets close to it and a demon grabs her. She theb wakes up inside the well comes out in middle of a forest. As she walks and meets the village realizes she is in the past.
She meets a half demon boy called Inuyasha that is stuck to a tree with an arrow....

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