In S06E13, upon returning from a mission with an alien device, Jonas Quinn sees an alien creature that no one else can see. When the entire team is ordered to take some down-time, they discuss the situation and Jonas says the following:

JONAS: You think I'm having symptoms related to my prior exposure to naquadria, like the others on my planet.

Other than S05E21, in which Daniel Jackson received

a lethal dose of radiation poisoning from his exposure to the Naquadria device

I'm not aware of any "symptoms" related to Naquadria exposure.

What symptoms on Langara is Jonas Quinn referring to?


He's referring to the events of the Season 6 episode 7 "Shadow Play", in which three of the fellow scientists who worked with him (Dr. Kieran, Jonas' former professor, also being one of the main antagonists of this story) end up with a form of Naquadria poisoning from frequent exposure. The effects of the Naquadria poisoning cause a schizophrenic-type lesion in the brain that results in hallucinations and full on delusions - like one might think apply to seeing alien creatures that nobody else can.

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    Somehow I missed that episode - I'll go back and watch it. Thank you! – Omegacron Dec 11 '18 at 18:37

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