I'm looking for a title of an old 80's/early 90's anime featuring large robots.

What I can remember is that there were 3 (I think) buried. Something woke them up, they weren't good... and I think maybe a good robot had to take them down.

I remember one had kind of large blades... could possibly create strong winds. I think he was green white and black?


Beast King GoLion, had several robots/mecha deactivated or standying by in several planets, but I dont know if these were buried.


Is this The Big O? Giant black Megadeuse mecha with some red parts piloted by Roger Smith, the main protagonist. Fights other Megadeuses that were buried from time and “wake up” and appear in the city. One was green, gold, and white with some purple highlights.

One had the ability to generate wind, another had drill bits for arms, another could fly.

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