I’m looking for a fanfic I must have read >5 years ago. It was a long novel and was part of a trilogy set without horcruxes starting from where OotP finished. Harry & Ginny pairing.

Some facts that I remember, I’m hoping they’re a from the same story

  • Harry was ‘professor Potter’ teaching DADA whilst studying
  • Harry had a toy horntail dragon that he could control with his mind to practice
  • There was a doctor from st mungos called Dr Stone who healed Harry often
  • There was a big focus on the power of love magic. There was a test for non verbal magic and users of love magic would score 100
  • Harry was a Phoenix animagus and later in the story Luna was too.

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Sounds like Harry Potter, Heir of Gryffindor by Brent Barten on fanfiction.net, published in 2004. It's pretty long (47 chapters) and focuses on Harry's sixth year.

Harry was ‘professor Potter’ teaching DADA whilst studying.

In chapter 14, "Professor Potter", Dumbledore announces there will be 5 DADA teachers this year; guess who's the fifth?

"Your fifth instructor - for it is not to be me," he continued, "is a young wizard who has faced dangers most full-grown wizards could not have handled and come through with flying colors. And, I am told, both he and his partner are exceptional duelers. And whether he knows it or not, he is an excellent teacher who instills confidence in his pupils. He will primarily be responsible for teaching one of the Tuesday eveming labs. However, as time allows, he will be circulating through all of the classes and labs to teach you all a new charm he and two of his friends have recently developed and assist the other teachers with their lessons. He needs no further introduction because most of you already know him." Then, looking squarely into Harry's eyes, he smiled and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Professor Harry Potter."

Harry had a toy horntail dragon that he could control with his mind to practice.

In chapter 30, "First Hogsmeade", Harry has to pick up a toy for mind exercises, and ends up picking up a Hungarian Horntail.

"Yes," the old man said. "He told me that you were looking for a specific kind of toy, a toy that would challenge your abilities and force you to think about several things at once, to make all of the parts work as a whole while keeping each action separate and unique." [...]

Fifteen minutes later, after carefully examining the few fully articulating toys in the man's shop Harry selected a half-meter long model of a Hungarian Horntail - the same dragon he had faced in the first task of the Tri-wizard Tournament in his fourth year - and carried it up to the front of the store. The old wizard looked up when he recognized Harry's selection. "Ah, a little sentimental value, Mister Potter?" he asked.

The same chapter also mentions a Dr Stone from St Mungo's.

A few minutes later, as the rest of the students were nervously heading into the Great Hall for dinner, Harry was sitting on a stretcher on the opposite side of the Entrance Hall with his shirt off while Dr. Stone was healing a rather nasty cut on his shoulder. "It's lucky for you my first job at Saint Mungo's was as a General Healer, Harry," Dr. Stone was saying. "Otherwise I don't know what I'd do. Do you go looking for trouble or is it natural?"

Found with the Google query harry potter fanfiction "dr stone" mungo -site:pinterest.*.


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