This is taken from a book club site that I belong to, so this is all the info I have.

Help... need a book title (for Christmas gift)

Description is...

It may have had FIRE in the title.

Scientists accidentally created a "cure" for death but it made everything come back. Pork chops grew into whole pigs in the supermarket, a little boy thought a guy was Jesus because he watched him come back to life, a guy was lynched and hanged and then hanged over and over because he didn't stay dead. Then there was a goat beast thing the media dubbed the antichrist but it was actually the good guy and the real bad guy was some kind of three headed dragon.


Fire by Alan Rodgers

Description from Goodreads:

Two countries on the brink of nuclear war. The President is bent on avenging the greatest loss a man can endure: the First Lady. A dangerous religious organization vying to control the fate of the earth. A mysterious virus leading to the resurrection of the dead all over the planet. A bestial nightmare of a creature straight out of Revelation. These are the elements at play in FIRE, an epic novel of the world in what might be its final days.

This fast-paced novel written from the point of view of ordinary people confronting the end of the world is a genuine page-turner. From janitor Ron Hawkins, who's just trying to make it through his college graduation to Luke Munsen, a scientist who wanted to find out dinosaur biology, to an intrepid tabloid reporter, a mad scientist and the President himself, the world has turned upside-down. Our greatest fears are a reality. Even our food is coming back to life ... and attacking!

Review on amazon mentions the finding of cure for death:

A sprawling, apocalyptic novel about three groups of people converging to help save the world from a madman. Nuclear explosions, worldwide panic, and a scientist whose found a cure for...DEATH?


"I ain't too sure. When it started out it weren't nothing but a pork chop."

monkey was licking his fingers.

pig was a great sprawling mass of stringy flesh that sprawled out and all over the table; so large, now, that the mass of it could have filled a basin.

"Really? That weren't nothing but a pork chop?"

"Nuh-uh. Not one bit more when it started out. Give it another day or so and the damned thing'll be a fulll-grown pig."

The Google book

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