Why was Bender made in Mom's Mexican robot factory but Ben wasn't factory made?

I know that Bender was made in a factory in Mexico but why wasn't Ben? I thought all robots came from Mom's Friendly Robot Factory?


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"Since factories can't manufacture enough robots to meet demand, robots can also reproduce by mating" As stated by the narrator of 'Sex Ed. Volume One' in the Episode 'The Bots and the Bees'.

"As Gerald's antennae uploads a binary file to Francine's internal drive, manufacturing specs are then merged by a randomised algorithm, and the resulting code guides the assembly of a new robot" Also stated by said narrator.

So there are two known ways of creating a new robot, 'Factory Construction' and 'Reproduction'.


Not all robots are created by Momcorp - Momcorp was founded somewhere in 2900s, but many robots featured in the series predate that (e.g. Robot Santa). Moreover, it appears not to be unusual for Bender to have offspring - besides Ben, he appears to have at least two more sons - firstborn, given to Robot Devil, and Junior, fathered with the Crushinator.

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    Junior is not Bender's son. It is revealed at the end of the episode that Billy is "just an innocent husband and father" Commented Nov 29, 2012 at 19:17

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