In Spider-men we see the normal and Ultimate universe Spider-mans meet. The normal Spider-man is surprised by Ultimate Spider-man's venom sting and electrified webs. What other differences in powers do they have, and why is there a difference?


Peter Parker, Spider-Man of Earth-616 and Miles Morales, Spider-Man of Earth-1610 are two different characters who share a continuity inside of the Marvel Multiverse of stories. The two characters shared an origin story in that Peter Parker was the original Spider-Man of both universes.

Peter Parker of Ultimate Earth (#1610) was killed and Miles Morales takes his place. Miles gains his powers after a spider affected by a serum created by Oscorp bites him and gives him similar powers to Peter Parker. Parker's blood was used in the serum, so their physical powers are the similar.

  • Both Spider-Men have superhuman strength and physical durability capable of lifting 10-20 tons under ideal conditions. Morales might be less strong since he is much younger than Peter Parker of Earth-616. Both are able to survive physical damage that would kill a normal human.
  • Both have superhuman reflexes and heightened physical agility beyond that of an Olympic level athlete.
  • Both had an psychic ability to detect danger which was dubbed, "spider-sense" but Parker's ability was lost and Morales has yet to develop any sufficient skill in the use of his.
  • Parker's spider-sense was once so sophisticated he could use it to avoid any danger around him. It was, occasionally unreliable versus certain enemies, such as Venom.
  • Both Spider-Men can cling to any surface using only their hands and feet. Parker has been able to exhibit some level of superstrength with his clinging. Morales is still learning and can only lift his weight.

Earth-616 Spider-Man has had other powers including organic web-shooters, night vision, and stingers. But with all of the recent reboots of the characters, those powers are in limbo and may no longer be considered canon.

However, the spider which affected Morales gives him additional powers that Spider-Man of Earth 616 does not have including:

  • limited invisibility - he is able to turn himself and his clothing invisible to normal vision.
  • venom strike - a form of electrically delivered charge that is able to paralyze people. It can be sent as a charge through conductive materials

Since Spider-Man's gadgets have varied over the decades, they are a much less interesting part of the legend of Spider-Man. Parker has experimented with a variety of technologies and with the help of Tony Stark has quite an exotic suit of powered armor if and when he needs it. Since Morales lives in the Ultimate Universe, he will more than likely end up dealing with or working with the SHIELD of that universe and will be equipped with a variety of tools and weapons they think will work best for him.

As to why there is a difference, the benefit of multiple universes is to allow Marvel's writers to experiment with telling different stories, hopefully in better ways with equally gratifying results.

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