I can't remember when I watched it, but I know it was an OVA (Original video animation), something of an indie.

The girl had a "pet" alien that could transform into absolutely anything. I believe her hair stuck up whenever she'd command it to do something/transform into something. The characters also looked pretty normal, no candy coloured hair from what I can remember.

It ended with a fight with the government or something like that.

I also remember that the anime was incomplete, and that it is going to have a follow up at some point. EDIT: found it, called Cencoroll

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    Instead of editing your question to say you found it, please post an answer describing this anime Cencoroll :-) You're perfectly allowed to answer your own question. That way it will be easier for future visitors to see the question and its solution separately, and to see how Cencoroll fits your original description. – Rand al'Thor Dec 17 '18 at 13:34

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