At the end of New Spring we learn that several people die, and

The Aes Sedai Merean and Ryne are Darkfriends, and the former murders Brys, his son Diryk and Iselle Arrel.

In addition

Merean herself is killed by Moiraine and Ryne is killed by Lan. So, 5 people dead overall.

Moiraine is said to have

Burnt Merean's body, afterwards taking care of Ryne's.

Carefully she floated Merean's body over that rail on flows of Air, and down a little, close to the stone of the mountain. Flows of Fire, and flame enveloped the Black sister, flame so hot there was no smoke, only a thick shimmering in the air, and the occasional crack of a splitting rock. -New Spring, When to Surrender

My question is: How were the deaths of these high-profile people explained?

What did they tell people who wondered after the abrupt deaths of otherwise perfectly healthy people? (Not to mention the disappearance of an Aes Sedai?) I highly doubt that they published it out to the world that the Black Ajah existed and killed a Lord of Kandor.

Any canon answers (interviews with RJ/BS, something in the books I missed) are welcome.

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    Not familiar with New Spring... but that sounds to me like body disposal, and Moiraine is canny enough that no explanation would probably be the best explanation. – Radhil Dec 19 '18 at 0:44
  • @Radhil That would be my guess too. – Mat Cauthon Jan 1 at 3:09

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