I'm looking for a book about a human man who, along with a human woman, is forced to fight against aliens who are described as being a golden man and woman, very strong, beautiful and "superior".

I read it in 1979-1981, I would like to read it again but I cannot remember the title. I believe both the human couple and the alien couple were abducted by another group of aliens.


What you are describing appears to be Transit by Edmund Cooper (1964).

enter image description here

A synopsis from goodreads.com:

Plot: Richard Avery is on auto-pilot after his one true love dies young of cancer. He gets whisked off by a mysterious someone, and plopped on a planet with three other people. We get, that start a 'Robinson Crusoe in space', but it turns out that there are 'golden ones' who have a similar colony of four on the same island, and they're not friendly.

  • Hi Paul, Thanks for your answer to my question! I looked at the book ... and that isn't the one I was looking for (I guess they made a lot of stories about human vs alien conflict back then). :-) Thanks again, and Happy New Year! – SciFiKid Jan 2 at 8:18

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