A live action movie about an elite MIB-like group that hunted monsters in modern japan (could have been Chinese though). Involved firearms, significant wirework, and stunt driving.

The monsters came in many different kinds of forms - the hero's had categories of monster type, I think the main villain at the end took the form of a jumbo jet to attack the heros, but the monsters I wanted to find the film again for were the more common monsters early in the film that would physically surround a hero's car like a layer of transparent jelly, with cries from the main protagonists of "Liquid Monster!" (note: I watched an English dub so unclear what these monsters would have been called in the original language or in subtitles) This is not the same liquid monster from the anime Ultraman.

The movie was dark (in terms of lighting) being almost exclusively set at night. It was not a comedy, but contained numerous wisecracks as action movies so frequently do.

The action was somewhat frenetic - like a Jackie Chan movie- fast paced. The main boss villain flew in jumbo jet-form in a model set - moving very much the same way that Gyaos moved in Gamera Vs Gyaos, up and down a model highway.

I don't remember when it came out, but I saw it first around the same time I saw the movie Mr Vampire (which is from 1985)

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