This book was about an astronaut studying an alien race. The alien village leader thinks he's a wizard or warlock, he also thinks the astronaut is a monster there to attack them. He uses ordinary things to make his magic and cause problems for the astronaut who's just there to study them.


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I think that may be The Flying Sorcerers by Larry Niven and David Gerrold.

The plot concerns the efforts of an astronaut and geologist/anthropologist, known to the natives as "Purple", to escape from a primitive world on which he is stranded and return to his people. The events are seen from the perspective of Lant, one of the natives, who becomes, in the course of the novel, Speaker (chieftain) of his people.

The natives, a fur covered people, believe in magic and the book shows how sufficiently advanced technology would be perceived by a primitive society.

Purple lands in an egg-shaped vehicle. He casually disrupts the lives of Lant's people, and thoughtlessly demeans Shoogar, the village magician. Shoogar gets revenge by destroying Purple's vehicle, which results in an atomic explosion. Many of the villagers are dead or injured: the rest, including Lant and Shoogar, are forced to flee. Purple is presumed dead.

Shoogar does indeed use ordinary things to destroy Purple’s vehicle.


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