How do Cylons "upload" their consciousness to be downloaded into a new body upon death?

Some models are identical in every way to humans bar a reaction to a certain type of radiation (i.e. from Gaius Baltar's machine)

I would have assumed this requires a transmitter of some kind, which would probably be detectable as it would provide a difference between humans and the "skin-jobs".

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    Her spine does that glowy thing. Probably that where she keeps her gigantic antenna
    – Valorum
    Commented Dec 24, 2018 at 8:06
  • wasnt there also a blood test to show who is cylon and who not?
    – Thomas
    Commented Dec 24, 2018 at 11:37

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This may not fully answer your question, but the process seems to be wireless and may rely on facilities whether planet-based or with ships like the Resurrection Hub and data-stream.

For resurrection to occur, the dying Cylon must be close to a resurrection ship or hub, otherwise his or her consciousness risks being permanently lost. The transmission method of a Cylon's consciousness has not been explained, but a form of wireless is probable. Resurrection points identified include the Cylon homeworld, the central Resurrection Hub, Resurrection Ships, and planet-based facilities. A rebirthing facility may have existed on occupied Caprica. Within each resurrection point is at least one rebirthing tank, where a duplicate body is immersed in a thick opaque substance to await download (Downloaded).

In addition some of the pre-fall ers of the 12 Colonies' technology is featured in the prequel TV series Caprica. In that series viewers learn through the accomplishments of Zoe Greystone, Daniel Greystone, Lacey Rand, and Sister Clarance Willow that there is a link between a virtual reality with an ability to create a virtual avatar, whose information can also be downloaded into a robot body and can sustain said information transfer via MCP Chip.

But it should be noted that despite these accomplishments, that the final-five (No Exit, Final-Five Comic series, & comments from EPs about Caprica season 2) still made a deal with the Robot Cylons and possibly Zoe A, that resulted in the end of the first cylon war and the creation of the 8 new models, 7 of which are featured in Battlestar Galactica


Keep in mind Cylons use frequencies the Colonials can’t detect. As evidenced by them finding the tracking device in the middle of Galactica’s CIC, without knowing it was there for weeks.

Thus it stands to reason they are using one or more of these frequencies to transmit consciousness “files” to new bodies.

The Cylons are LightYears ahead of the Colonials technologically.

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