What I can remember:

  • Harry lives with the Dursleys, he and Dudley go to the park. Harry plays with a girl while her mother watches.

  • The girl's mother eventually talks to Petunia on the park bench about taking guardianship of Harry. (I think the mother threatens Petunia.) Petunia agrees.

  • Once Harry moves in, he and the girl sleep in the same bed and play naked. (Not sexually, they are very young and don't care for clothes)

  • As they get a bit older, they are very smart and curious. They get homeschooled. They're taught all the normal subjects but in depth.

  • At some point they find out Harry is a wizard and they learn about magic too.

  • Somehow they figure a way for electronics to work around magic. He uses diamond to encase the wires and circuits and it negates the effect of magic. He also finds out a way to make diamonds himself and sells some to the goblins at Gringotts.

  • The mother finds that runes in the magical world are essentially the same as circuits for electricity in the muggle world.

  • I think they move into a manor and eventually have their muggle and magical friends over. I think they go bowling and have a Halloween party.

That's where my remembrance ends.

I hope someone can tell me the name or author of this fic. I'm almost positive I read it on FanFiction.net or AO3. Thanks in advance for any answers, wrong or right.

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