I’ve been reading Kull: Exile of Atlantis and Conan the Barbarian. I love them, but I am wondering if there’s a larger non-short story book by Robert E. Howard?

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Howard wrote only one full-length novel that was published in his lifetime, which he titled The Hour of the Dragon. Many printings rename it Conan the Conqueror. It was serialized in Weird Tales in 1935–1936, starting with the December 1935 issue. It is not a fix-up, per se, but is very episodic.

Besides this, Howard did, however, write a number of intermediate-length genre stories, about Conan and otherwise. The longest non-novel works published by Howard appear to be the planetary romance "Almuric" (which was labeled as a "novel" when it was serialized in Weird Tales, but is really more of novella length), the Conan story "The People of the Black Circle" (which takes place in India and Afghanistan and is one of Howard's most popular works, although I don't personally care for it), and the modern story "Skull-Face" (which has some interesting fantasy elements, but, as you might expect from a Howard story set in present-day London, has a lot of racist ideas).

  • I guess you don't accept the posthumous novel Almuric as authentic Robert E. Howard?
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  • @user14111 Posthumously published does not necessarily mean posthumously rewritten; I'll go by the attribution given by major sources, so I've included that in my answer.
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  • @user14111 Is a fix-up a novel?
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  • @user14111 I have updated my answer with more information about the intermediate length works.
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According to a search by author and title type on ISFDb (you may need to be logged in to run it), there are 7 novels credited to Howard, however 2 of those are non-SF, and 3 were completed by others after his death.

The two novels written by and credited solely to Howard are Conan the Conqueror (1950) reprinted in 1977 as The Hour of the Dragon and Almuric (1964) which is not related to any of his major series.

The 3 novels that were completed by others after his death, for which credit is shared are:

The two non-SF novels are:

Note that Wikipedia records The People of the Black Circle and Skull-Face as novels, but ISFDb has them both recorded as novellas.

  • Note that Almuric has a 1964 date, but it was serialized in 1939.
    – DavidW
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  • A Gent from Bear Creek is really a short story collection that was published posthumously as a novel.
    – Buzz
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  • @Buzz Quoth ISFDb: "Fix-up novel of 13 related stories, all but three were first published in Action Stories from March 1934 to August 1935. The stories were slightly revised by Howard, and are presented as chapters of the novel" (emphasis mine); so they may have originally been short stories but they tweaked into a single narrative and published as a novel. Wikipedia and the REHoward foundation say the same.
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