The book is about a teenage girl who lives on the Moon after aliens take over the Earth. I think there was a picture of a blonde girl sitting and the moon in the background on the cover. It was one of my favourite and I'd like to share it with my kids.

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    The aliens taking over the Earth sounds like John Varley's "Eight Worlds" setting. Going through his bibliography might be a good place to start. – user888379 Jan 1 at 14:21
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    About the cover picture. If the artist painted the girl sitting on the Moon with the moon in the sky behind her that would have been a mistake. Or did the artist paint the girl sitting on the moon with a moonscape behind her? Or did the artist paint the girl sitting on Earth before the alien invasion with the Moon in the sky behind her? Or were the girl and the Moon supposed to be two different picture elements and not part of the same scene? – M. A. Golding Jan 1 at 15:50

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