I am looking to buy a book that my father read as a boy, for his next birthday. I know very little about it except the protagonist is able to bodily trans-locate in a manner referred to specifically as a 'Jaunt' or 'jaunting'. My father's childhood was in the late 1930's through the 40's, so I would guess this is relatively early SciFi.

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    Just as an observation or future readers, "jaunting" as teleportation was also used in the various incarnations of The Tomorrow People, from the 70s to the 90s. – moopet Jan 4 at 17:32

This term is used extensively in Alfred Bester's "Tiger, Tiger" aka "The Stars My Destination" to refer to teleportation.

By the first decade of the twenty-fifth century the principles of jaunting were established and the first school was opened by Charles Fort Jaunte himself, then fifty-seven, immortalized, and ashamed to admit that he had never dared jaunte again.

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