I remember Harry condensing cloud and using them as a way to move around the castle. At one point when he’s experimenting with his magic he blasts a hole in the dungeon wall. Pretty sure I read it on Archive of Our Own. He starts manipulating water at first then escalates onto other things. I’m fairly sure it was a pretty long (novel length) and well written fic but somehow I don’t really remember anything about the actual plot other than him managing to shock everyone with his new discoveries of magic. There is either no relationship or it’s slash but I think the story mainly focuses on his magic and not romance. I’m pretty sure he was in Gryffindor, and I can’t really remember any of his other experiments or discoveries except maybe at one point he managed to turn wood into gold?

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    This is quite brief at the moment, could you edit in anything else you may remember? For example, when did you read this? Where did you read this? Any more plot elements? See this guide for details. – TheLethalCarrot Jan 7 at 9:53
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    Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality hpmor.com – Oni Jan 9 at 0:12
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    HPMOR has a rational Harry, not a genius Harry. – Neo Darwin Jan 9 at 18:30
  • can you give us a little more info? is it novel length (60k-ish words or more)? When did you read this? Was he in Ravenclaw? Do you remember any other discoveries he made? – Sensoray Jan 9 at 20:15
  • @NeoDarwin - That might be what the author meant to write. – Adamant Jan 11 at 5:44

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