This reddit post implies that some Overwatch characters may have been created under The Dark Tower influence. Namely, McCree and Reaper might be based on Roland and The Man in Black respectively.

I also find it interesting, that Orisa is both the character name and the name of the weapon in DT: Wolves of Kalla.

Is there any confirmation of how all of this is related?

  • Overwatch also shares the character name "Sombra" with the Dark Tower series' Sombra Corporation.
    – Eschar
    Commented Jun 8, 2019 at 17:55

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Yes it certainly seems to be the case. The only credible proof I can give is that there are unused data mined voice lines which refer to the Dark Tower series.

Reaper voice

The man in black followed...

McCree voice

And the gunslinger followed...

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