I saw this anime at the display TV at Shop Rite.

The image shows a dark haired female in a pink outfit with a white triangular emblem on her right shoulder speaking to a male with white spikey hair and wearing a light purple headpiece and brown clothing with a popped darker collar and a white bandage-style belt. The scene is inside, with wood-panelled walls and a large vase with ideographic writing.

The subtitles read:

If you are going to space, so will I-

TV showing a still of the anime

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    Hi there. This is very terse at the moment, and truth be told from that image alone I'm not sure this is science-fiction or fantasy (the space part could be the character being a regular astronaut, how do we know?) - but you saw a clip of it, so if there are SF/fantasy elements, please describe everything you recall about it. Otherwise I'm afraid this is off-topic here. – Jenayah Jan 10 at 18:07
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    Voting to reopen: while the details are indeed scarce, I think the line about "going to space" clearly places this in the sci-fi province. – lfurini Jan 11 at 21:27