In the "Dune Genesis" essay originally published in the July 1980 issue of Omni Magazine* Frank Herbert wrote:

"I now believe that evolution, or deevolution[sic], never ends short of death, that no society has ever achieved an absolute pinnacle, that all humans are not created equal. In fact, I believe attempts to create some abstract equalization create a morass of injustices that rebound on the equalizers. Equal justice and equal opportunity are ideals we should seek, but we should recognize that humans administer the ideals and that humans do not have equal ability."

  • Did he try to say that humans have not the ability to administer succefully these ideals?
  • Was he trying to say that humans doing it have not equal ideals?
  • Simply saying that some humans have not the ability to administer the ideals while others have it?
  • Or, the worst meaning to me, "some humans don't deserve equality because their lack of ability"?

Although this essay is not inside one of his books, I think people need to know Herbert's science fiction work to know his way of thinking.

(*) Herbert, Frank (July 1980). "Dune Genesis". Omni 2 (2): p. 72. ISSN 0149-8711.

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    Consider concepts like separate but equal (mostly discredited in US political discourse), equality of chances, and equality of outcome. Systems which aim for equality of outcome despite different ability tend to hold people back to the lowest common denominator, systems which aim for equality of chances for people with unequal ability accept unequal outcomes. – o.m. Jan 12 at 9:15
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