Since electromagnetism and electricity are the same force, why haven't we ever seen Storm bend metal via ferromagnetism manipulation? I've always been curious by this and why hasn't she performed this ability.

We know Storm can control charge particles with her mind and psionically (mind control) direct where she wants the current to go. And so, the mechanics behind ferromagnetism manipulation wouldn't necessarily be outside of Storm's power set or difficult for her to pull off.

In physics, ferromagnetic materials can be moved or 'manipulated' if you will - if there is an electromagnetic field near it. Because ferromagnetic materials have a subatomic particle occurring in the nuclei called proton. The electrons from the electromagnetic field are attracted to the protons, thus creating a magnetic connection between the two. Now Storm can create an electromagnetic field (which she has done in the past). With that said, she can also create one around a metal object and manipulate the electromagnetic energy, which will then cause the object to move or bend. This is how Magneto does it.

Electromagnetism manipulation isn't just a Magneto thing. Storm also uses that same energy in concert with the other forces Magneto does not control– to control the weather. So if Storm can only manipulate the energy system that factor the weather i.e. electromagnetism then there is more that can be done, since Storm's Mutant abilities encompasses more than mere weather control – and at the same time it would still fall under atmospheric phenomena or weather manipulation.

I personally like this idea. I think it be cool to have her do something 'creative' with her powers so she could flaunt these deadly abilities on occasion than just rely on lightning attacks. Now, I'm not suggesting that Storm should be the mistress of ferromagnetism or take a robot apart and turn them into an airplane the same way Magneto does. But when Storm is faced against an enemy - like hundred sentinel robots made of metal - instead of sending down lightning bolts to strike them, which doesn't seem to do anything to them, they should have her use ferromagnetic manipulation to rip these robot sentinels to shreds.

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  • The limitations of magic powers in comic books are super arbitrary, because they're not physics. Storm can control the weather because that's her power, and it doesn't let her control metal, any more than Magneto can zap people with lightning (usually). At some point, if the writers want to give her a power boost, they might reimagine her powers closer to what you're thinking of. Maybe they've already done so at some point in the tangled Marvel comics continuity. – Adamant Jan 14 at 4:11
  • Your science is a little off here. Just to clarify, electromagnetic fields and electric fields are not the same, and electrons are attracted to protons in the nucleus through electrical attraction only. I'm not sure if this ruins your argument or not, maybe try and refine your wording a bit. Interesting idea though, that if she can manipulate electrical fields she could generate a magnetic field and move some metals, although it would require very very precise and complex control. – Ongo Jan 14 at 4:22
  • @Adamant 1) You have some terrible misconceptions about what I said. I never said Storm should have the ability to directly control metal. What I'm saying is if she created an EM field around a metal object - like a sentinel Robot - she can levitate it or even split it in half if she needs to by manipulating EM energy just like Magneto. Since she can control various forms of EM energy. Now I'm not saying she should do exactly the same thing as Magneto. But this ability comes in handy when taking on Sentinel Robots. – Polly Mars Jan 14 at 9:02
  • 2) Another huge misconception people have is that they think Magneto can directly control metal. No CAN'T. He is NOT Ferrokinetic; he's Electrokinetic. Within the scope of Magneto powers to control and manipulate all forms of EM energy, he manipulates the EM fields and as a byproduct of that, he is able to levitate, move, and control metal objects with ease. This is called ferromagnetism manipulation. Toph Bei Fong from can directly control, bend, and manipulate metal. Not as a byproduct of manipulating another element to cause metal objects to move like Magneto does. – Polly Mars Jan 14 at 9:04
  • 1
    This is why physicists usually refer to electromagnetism or electromagnetic forces together, rather than separately. They might have seem like 2 distinct forces a while back, but we now know that they are really the SAME force manifesting itself as 2 seemingly distinct forces. That force is the Electromagnetic force. So once you've analyzed the situation using Special Relativity, it has exactly the effects we see experimentally. So as you can see through my explanation, there really is no such thing as a magnetic field. – Polly Mars Jan 14 at 9:08

The field is not strong enough

Comic book authors prefer to ignore the effect of electromagnetism. Storm has the power to direct electric fields and we know that a change in electric field produces a magnetic field whose amplitudes are linked by E=cB. However, according to this article the electric field produced by lightning rarely exceeds 150 KV/m with

Applying E=cB


B=5 Gauss or 0.0005 Tesla.

A MRI magnet has an electric field of 1.5 T by comparison.

Unless storm can increase the strength of electric fields in storms by a factor of at least a thousand, she will not be able to manipulate magnetic materials as easily.

Curie temperature

Magnetic susceptibility decreases with temperatures following


Storms produce a lot of heat energy during dissipation which will heat up the ferromagnetic material and eventually make it paramagnetic(weakly attracted by magnetic field) at Curie temperature.

  • This scan shows Storm creating an EM field with ease 1 static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11135/111357036/… – Polly Mars Jan 14 at 9:26
  • Don't doubt that she can create an em field as she can manipulate charged particles but is it enough to produce a strong enough magnetic field? – Neo Darwin Jan 14 at 9:28
  • I would assume so. I mean, the woman is way more powerful than Magneto. The man had to build this machine to amp up his powers to control the weather where Storm just does it. I'm not trashing on the man but I'm just saying. Plus too, he had a hard time controlling the weather. He lost control of it because it was too much for him – Polly Mars Jan 14 at 9:34
  • Adding to your reply, it takes .1 A to cause death and 1A current to literally vaporize a human being. V=IR and considering resistance of human body to be 50K ohm she produces a voltage of 50000 Volts at a distance of 1 m from her. That is still much lesser than she needs to produce a non negligible magnetic field. – Neo Darwin Jan 14 at 9:34
  • I think this is an example of power creep, different writers, and pseudoscience intersecting in an terribly inconsistent way. The writers wanted to make Magneto powerful. "Let's have him control the weather! You can do that with magnetic fields, right? Or electric fields?" They also wanted to make Storm scientific: "Let's say that she doesn't control the weather, she just moves charged particles! And EM fields!" So you end up with a situation where the explanation for Storm's power makes it so that she should logically be able to do whatever Magneto does. – Adamant Jan 14 at 10:16

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