I'm looking for a story that I read a few years ago. I cannot remember if it was a short story in an anthology of other stories or stand-alone book, but here are some details I do remember.

  • Definitely a book. This was not a TV show or movie.
  • The story revolved around a robot/automaton who, in a series of journal entries, explains that he discovered that his race was dying off.
  • The protagonist found through self experimentation that his brain was controlled by wind, and for some reason, there was less wind available.
  • The protagonist experimented on himself to determine that his brain was essentially a system of gears which are turned by the wind.
  • One plot point involved some sort of ritual which was supposed to take place at a certain time, but he noticed that it was slightly off
  • I believe the story ends with the robot dying, but am not sure about this.

This is Exhalation by Ted Chiang. It is available online at Lightspeed Magazine.

The situation is:

The machines exist in an artificial world. There is a reservoir of argon gas underneath the "ground," which is being depleted as they draw upon it and release it aboveground. They are slowing down.

P.S. After posting this I noticed it is a duplicate of this answered question: Searching for a short story about metallic lungs But I don't know how to denote that here.

  • That's it! Such a good story. Thanks for finding it. I'll accept as soon as I can.
    – zz20s
    Jan 14 '19 at 4:38
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    – RDFozz
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