If someone were to take Tonks's hair, as she is a Metamorphmagus, does that mean that they can change their appearance just like her, as Polyjuice Potion copies all of the attributes of the person you are transforming into, or would they only be able to turn into Tonks (with her regular hair and features)?

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    Signs point to no, see related scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/147674/…
    – Kai
    Jan 16, 2019 at 14:03
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    Possible duplicate of What would happen if you used the hair of a metamorphmagus in Polyjuice potion? proposed dupe-target suggests you'd only have access to current target form
    – Jenayah
    Jan 16, 2019 at 14:04
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    @Valorum I don't agree that this is a duplicate. The other question asks what appearance would be used. It doesn't ask whether the actual ability to change appearance is also granted to the person who took Polyjuice Potion. Jan 16, 2019 at 14:08
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    Whilst the target is focused on what form would the person take the actual question asked is "What would happen?" which encompasses "Would you gain their abilities?"
    – TheLethalCarrot
    Jan 16, 2019 at 14:16
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    @TheLethalCarrot A question is more than just its title. "What would happen?" is very broad (arguably even too broad), but the OP of that other question appears to have clarified that by "What would happen?" they actually mean "What would happen to the taker's appearance?" We would have to edit that question to expand its scope, which while not invalidating the existing answers would make them only partial - rather than full - ones, and I'm not convinced that's any better than edits that just outright invalidate answers. Jan 16, 2019 at 14:24

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No. In the books it is clearly stated that you can't become a metamorphmagus, you have to be born as one.

‘Well, you’ll have to learn the hard way, I’m afraid,’ said Tonks. ‘Metamorphmagi are really rare, they’re born, not made. Most wizards need to use a wand, or potions, to change their appareance’

Excerpt: Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: Chapter 3 (The Advance Guard)

Thus, in my opinion, there's no way to adquire the metamorphagi powers, even if only temporarily.

  • I think you may have misunderstood the question, it's not that you become one it's that using Polyjuice you might be able to use their powers.
    – TheLethalCarrot
    Nov 5, 2019 at 10:07
  • Isn't using metamorphmagus powers esentially becoming a metamorphmagus? Even if it is for a brief period of time.
    – IloneSP
    Nov 5, 2019 at 10:07
  • To me I'd say there's a slight but significant difference between the two. However, it'd be worth editing in the relevant quotes to back this up if possible.
    – TheLethalCarrot
    Nov 5, 2019 at 10:09

They probably wouldn't be able to change into the Metamorphmagus at all, because Polyjuice Potion is only made for complete human transformation. So if the transformation was successful the person who took the potion would not be able to use the Metamorphmagus powers.



Unless JKR (or some other authorized HP universe property — book or film) says otherwise. Everything else is just speculation.


In my opinion, NO, since Polyjuice Potion is for “appearance” only:

It enables the consumer to assume the physical appearance of another person
Pottermore: Polyjuice Potion

Looking like another person is wholly different beast than obtaining another person’s magic.

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