I read a short story in an anthology about pilots of a craft that regularly crosses through the Earth to the other side (commercial travel), the engine of the ship was called Rausch or Rorsch or something like that. In the story the birth of a child on board the craft breaks the engine and the pilots have to find a way to get it working again. Can anyone help me find it?

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    This is a nice start but can you take a look at this guide to see if there is anything else you can edit in? For example, do you know when you read this? How old was it at that time? – TheLethalCarrot Jan 16 at 16:41
  • How do they travel through the Earth? Through hyperspace, or is there a giant hole in the Earth or something? – DragonChampion7 Jan 16 at 17:36
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    ??? A child being born breaks the engine? Did the mother scream so loud it shattered some glass or crystal part, or does the engine just not like the presence of babies (though in that case it should have broken down when mama came on board - babies don't just magically out of a spacewarp at birth, mama had it with her when she came in board.) – JRE Jan 16 at 18:36
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    Probably not the story you are thinking of. But a birth gumming up the works of a transportation system reminds me of the short story COUNTER FOIL by George O. Smith. In that story a woman in labor enters a teleportation system. The baby is "born" during transit and jams the system because suddenly there are more people trying to exit the system than entered. – beichst Jan 19 at 14:26

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