I'm trying to identify a story/filmstrip in which the main character (boy/girl?) can access a secret world behind a bookcase. I seem to remember it being one child, not a group like Narnia. As they age, they are more and more restricted from visiting, until a final visit. It was set in the mid-70s era/period.

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    Sounds like Narnia. If that's not it, please try adding answers from the checklist to your Question: scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/9337 – cryptarch Jan 17 '19 at 0:40
  • No, I seem to remember it being one child, and set in the mid-70s era/period. – Bobb Jan 17 '19 at 0:45
  • It's ringing faint bells. Was it a British kids TV show? – Moriarty Jan 17 '19 at 2:36
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    I don't remember it as a British show, although it very well could be a British special. My vague memory is that to access the alternate world, one had to crawl behind a bookcase and through a small panel/door. When the protagonist was too big to fit through the door, they could no longer enter. – Bobb Jan 18 '19 at 18:18

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