In the recently released Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer there are some new unknown characters. I already know there is:


but who are the others?

Character looking like Spider-Man in a black suit

Character wielding fire

Character seemingly composed of water

Sandman-like character

Are these characters mentioned in comics? What are their names?

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    The first is Spiderman in his "stealth suit". Given Mysterio's nature, I suspect that the rest of these are illusions he's creating to play the hero. – Chris B. Behrens Jan 19 at 18:12
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    Useful: thewrap.com/… – Niffler Jan 19 at 18:25

The first image is Spider-Man in an alternate costume. The others are all members of a group called the Elementals, a fairly obscure group of supervillains. If they use the same names as in the comics they would be Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum respectively.

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