Would anyone know a science fiction story about a TV salesman who is the Devil; selling TVs with built-in popcorn machines - "Baal TV" - in exchange for people's souls? And who finds that everyone is willing to make that bargain? I think the story is called "Baal TV" but I'm not sure.

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  • Hello! Was it a shorter story or a longer story? – Stormblessed Jan 27 at 15:17
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    "The Tubes of Baal-Ashteroth" sounds like a right title, but the plot summary I found didn't match. – FuzzyBoots Jan 27 at 17:49

Added Inducement by Robert F. Young. I read it in the collection The Worlds of Robert F. Young.

THE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE STORE was one of many that had sprung up in and around the city, seemingly overnight. There were half a dozen TV sets in the window, marked at amazingly low prices, and a window-wide sign boasted; WE'RE PRACTICALLY giving THEM AWAY!

"This is the place we've been looking for," Janice said, and she pulled Henry though the entrance and into the store proper. They hadn't gone two steps beyond the entrance when they came to a common standstill. Before them stood a huge and dazzling console with a 24-inch screen, and if you were TV hunting, you couldn't go by it any more than a hungry mouse could go by a new mouse trap baited with his favorite cheese.

"We can never afford that one," Henry said.

"But, darling, we can afford to look, can't we?"

So they looked. They looked at the sleek mahogany cabinet and the cute little double doors that you could dose when you weren't watching your programs; at the screen and the program in progress; at the company's name at the base of the screen - BAAL.

And the TV does indeed make popcorn:

"What's that for?' Janice asked, pointing at the window.

Henry leaned forward. "The dial above it says `popcorn but that can't be."

"Oh, yes it can!" a voice behind them said.

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    huge and dazzling console with a 24-inch screen - how times change :-) – John Rennie Jan 27 at 20:25
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