I have vague memories of watching the original "Lost in Space" (1965) during its initial run. After re-watching the series recently (broadcast by a local station), I now wonder if one memory I have is actually correct.

The situation is (I believe) Dr. Smith actually doing some work - digging. The robot is standing nearby and says to Smith: "Less haste, more speed!".

I've been trying to figure out in which episode the scene occurs... I either missed it while re-watching or it is a faulty memory on my part. I also wonder if the episodes as re-broadcast are the identical edits to what originally aired (would there have been alterations over the years, such as a delete of the scene I believe I remember?).

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I dont believe so, but he did say Less Talk! More Work! ...

I have yet to find a clip of him saying this line but this link details all B9 quotes.

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